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via Daily Prompt: Someday


We’ll walk together, hand in hand

Chasing butterflies, making castles in the sand;

We’ll design our own multi-hued rainbow

We’ll have all the time sans sham or show;


We’ll live to share our dawns and  dusks,

You’ll listen to my fears, dreams and lusts;

We’ll not prove each other wrong or right

We won’t condescend, won’t judge, scorn,fight;


It will be like I always dreamt

Far from these maddening crowds;

In your love cocoon I’ll be slept

Waking up in my dreams over seamless clouds!


Author: mahi

Mahi is an English teacher in a popular school in Delhi. She loves to write poems and stories because of the sheer necessity to express herself. There is no pecuniary or material motive behind her writings.

4 thoughts on “Someday

  1. Beautiful…… the yearning of a blissful life…
    However…. from personal experience..replace the idea of ‘someday ‘.. to… ‘ today ‘ ….. just my two pence

    Liked by 1 person

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