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Cap the ability:that’s the meaning of capable that is doing the rounds these days. So you are capable and have the audacity to believe in yourself? Then you have had it from this world. Yes, not just this, you will be thrust in the face of half baked people who have managed to make the world believe that they are Capable and they are the ones who know it as it should be. They will try their best  to cap all the ability you have, will refrain from mentioning any point that can go in your favour and do their best to land you in the reject list of the sham world they’ve convinced into believing in their capability.


via Daily Prompt: Capable




via Daily Prompt: Someday


We’ll walk together, hand in hand

Chasing butterflies, making castles in the sand;

We’ll design our own multi-hued rainbow

We’ll have all the time sans sham or show;


We’ll live to share our dawns and  dusks,

You’ll listen to my fears, dreams and lusts;

We’ll not prove each other wrong or right

We won’t condescend, won’t judge, scorn,fight;


It will be like I always dreamt

Far from these maddening crowds;

In your love cocoon I’ll be slept

Waking up in my dreams over seamless clouds!