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 You stand there hidden

Shrouded and smirking

Why don’t you leave me alone

Don’t drag me in the times forgone

It stings my heart like a thorn


I do regret, I want to forget

The stench spreads like death

I see white shadows

I hate the recalls

My heart trips and falls


Love!! Hold me tight

I need you to fight

This stench

This spreading obnoxious smell

It shrouds around me like white

I cannot see beyond I’m losing sight


Tell these monsters to go away

In your arms I want to stay

In your bosom my head shall lay

Help me! O’ Help me, Pray!!




Author: mahi

Mahi is an English teacher in a popular school in Delhi. She loves to write poems and stories because of the sheer necessity to express herself. There is no pecuniary or material motive behind her writings.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare…

  1. Depressing but well written


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