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Goddess Lakshmi

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Suddenly there was an explosion of light and the ambiance became incandescent and illumined. It was difficult to keep my eyes open but the curiosity which keeps me ever inquisitive led me on and in a few moments I could see a form taking shape. The first thing I noticed was her delicate lotus feet. Almost like pieces of the radiant moon. The toenails were radiant and pink and beautiful. They were beautifully decorated with deep red vermilion paste. It looked like moon crescents dotted with delicate red roses.

As I moved up I saw a beautiful woman draped in a milk-white saree with a crimson border. The entire atmosphere had illumined with the radiance emanating from her. She looked at me with half closed eyes and I felt a warm current flow through my spine making me feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time. She had the calm composure of a goddess and the impeccable beauty of a mother. When I looked at her I felt I was looking at my own mother. The way she looked at me when I needed a hug after a tiring day at school or when I was sick and her presence was all I needed to feel comfortable and at ease.

I wanted to know who she was and as if she had read my expression her lips moved and I noticed for the first time that she had lips which were pink and moved like a dream. She spoke and her voice was like honey.

“I’ve come to meet you with all my wealth and prosperity. You’ve been good and you deserve my blessings!” she placed her hand on my head and I couldn’t control my tears. They flowed and suddenly I felt my spirit rising, my pain subsiding and my whole being became a part of the illuminated ambiance that surrounded me. There was a golden aura around me and her beauty filled my heart and soul with divine contentment.    


Author: mahi

Mahi is an English teacher in a popular school in Delhi. She loves to write poems and stories because of the sheer necessity to express herself. There is no pecuniary or material motive behind her writings.

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