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My Father


My father
Is a picture of humility and forgiveness,
Love, peace and kindness;
Throughout his life
He has only given;
Love, joy and a sense of heaven.

We had our freedom of ex-pression,
We could say anything in the name of discussion;
He accepted our point and showed delight,
In the fact that we could enjoy our right
We misbehaved and threw tantrums
But he kept his patience and ignored the humdrum
Waited for a better time to explain the issue
Liberated us to give our dreams a pursue

He never demands he is never loud
He is always there when we call out,
Our courage and confidence depends
On his unquestioning, silent presence
Whatever we do whatever we commit
The strong hands will be there to protect
His caring eyes, his soothing touch,
Oh! We his children are so blessed!!


Author: mahi

Mahi is an English teacher in a popular school in Delhi. She loves to write poems and stories because of the sheer necessity to express herself. There is no pecuniary or material motive behind her writings.

5 thoughts on “My Father

  1. very nice poem on father….

    keep the good work going….

    warm regards

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ma’am Your thought about father is just best

    Liked by 1 person

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