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It gurgles and snaps

It soothes it slaps

The drops can be embalming the drops can be tender

They can sear your soul, they can leave you asunder


The rain depicts joy

Makes many a brides coy

It washes away your tears and sorrow

You look forward to a new ‘morrow

The glassy drops

Drop on your face, Plop!

You can’t stop rejoicing and singing

Dancing in the rain,

Forgetting all pain!!


But the dark clouds can scare

The harrowed they don’t spare

It can bring disaster and despair

It can destruct beyond repair


The poor farmer who was waiting for a tractor

To get his loads from his field to a shelter

The lonely child who doesn’t have a father

No one to hold him no one to smother

Who should they run to with delight?

On hearing the thunderclaps that excite and fright


The old man’s hut which was made of wood and mud

The roof came down in the rain with a thud

Where will he sleep tonight?

Is there a streak of joy in his plight?


But someone somewhere is happy

For she loves the rain

Who can be in pain,

When the soothing drops have the capacity

To bring such respite from all malady??

It drives away the boredom

It clears the humdrum

The earth looks satiated

The world looks new

The rain is a blessing and it is true….true??


Author: mahi

Mahi is an English teacher in a popular school in Delhi. She loves to write poems and stories because of the sheer necessity to express herself. There is no pecuniary or material motive behind her writings.

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  1. a nice one……

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