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My Father

My father
Is a picture of humility and forgiveness,
Love, peace and kindness;
Throughout his life
He has only given;
Love, joy and a sense of heaven.

We had our freedom of ex-pression,
We could say anything in the name of discussion;
He accepted our point and showed delight,
In the fact that we could enjoy our right
We misbehaved and threw tantrums
But he kept his patience and ignored the humdrum
Waited for a better time to explain the issue
Liberated us to give our dreams a pursue

He never demands he is never loud
He is always there when we call out,
Our courage and confidence depends
On his unquestioning, silent presence
Whatever we do whatever we commit
The strong hands will be there to protect
His caring eyes, his soothing touch,
Oh! We his children are so blessed!!






It gurgles and snaps

It soothes it slaps

The drops can be embalming the drops can be tender

They can sear your soul, they can leave you asunder


The rain depicts joy

Makes many a brides coy

It washes away your tears and sorrow

You look forward to a new ‘morrow

The glassy drops

Drop on your face, Plop!

You can’t stop rejoicing and singing

Dancing in the rain,

Forgetting all pain!!


But the dark clouds can scare

The harrowed they don’t spare

It can bring disaster and despair

It can destruct beyond repair


The poor farmer who was waiting for a tractor

To get his loads from his field to a shelter

The lonely child who doesn’t have a father

No one to hold him no one to smother

Who should they run to with delight?

On hearing the thunderclaps that excite and fright


The old man’s hut which was made of wood and mud

The roof came down in the rain with a thud

Where will he sleep tonight?

Is there a streak of joy in his plight?


But someone somewhere is happy

For she loves the rain

Who can be in pain,

When the soothing drops have the capacity

To bring such respite from all malady??

It drives away the boredom

It clears the humdrum

The earth looks satiated

The world looks new

The rain is a blessing and it is true….true??


Blue God

All she knew was that she was looking for her blue god…she saw him and fell in love. The sheer ecstatic feel you get when you meet your soul mate. Yes, he was her blue god, the one she’s been waiting for since ages, maybe births. Or was it that the dreamy eyes she was looking into had cast a hypnotism beyond which she could not see. She felt helpless and just couldn’t take her eyes off her blue soul mate. She stood there frozen like that for ages. Pure love pulsing through her veins making her feel alive as she had never felt before. She could hear music. The soft pulsing beats of her heart becoming one with the resonance in the universe. There was energy in the music which was making her feel alive. She pressed her head against his strong blue chest. The furry softness, tickled her senses and she couldn’t resist moving her curious hands all over his blue skin. It felt soft and strong at the same time.

Something moved in his curls, is that a snake? She jerked her fingers off from the unruly matted stresses. The blue colour of his skin is looking ashen or more towards grey. Who is he? Who is she getting so close with? Is he the one she had been longing for? But she’s always been so perfect in all her choices. How could she choose him? The smile on his lips was innocent and child like. He was looking at her with an intensity that would hypnotise her again. She tore off her gaze from his face, the face that belonged to her soul mate, just a few moments ago.  He looks so undesirable with his body covered with ash and his hair matted with dust and snakes..or was there more? A whole mysterious world inside his curls…she got scared.

She started running…as fast as her legs could carry her. She could not bear the feel of the touch of his body on her fingers. Her fingertips were burning with repulsion. How could she think of getting so close with such a hideous creature? She ran for a long time till her legs could carry her no more. The vast stretches of desert land in front of her eyes made her eyes sting. She could feel tears running down her cheeks. She fell on her knees and the sand beneath her started getting wet with her tears. She cried for a long time and as she cried the tear stains made the figure of the blue god with matted hair on the sand. The blue god was looking at her with a vexed expression. He seemed to be asking her where he had gone wrong. He had only wanted to give her happiness in abundance. He was even feeling guilty to have made her cry, feel scared and abandoned.

She sat there in the dreary desert sands for a long time. Suddenly she heard a soft tune. The sweet sound was floating across the wind and reaching her almost caressing her whole body. The music embalmed her soul. She closed her eyes and felt the melody soothe her to the core. Tears started pouring down hr cheeks again wetting her clothes and drenching her completely. She felt her pain flowing out and making her feel light, as a feather. Suddenly the music stopped. She opened her eyes and saw someone towering over her. The blue skin was radiant and it was the first thing she noticed. Her blue god was there. He had come to take her. Take her away from all the pain and dilemma and give her a new world where she would find everything perfect. He was carrying a flute. Oh! so that is where the music was coming from. He put the flute to his lips and that was the first time she noticed his features. But, this was someone else. He had soft, attractive features and beautiful curly hair. A sensuous smile was playing on his lips. He started playing the music again. This time it was meant only for her ears. It was a divine melody which reached straight into her heart. She looked steadily at his face. His eyes were closed as if in meditation and the peacock feather in his hair made him look like a king. He had crossed his feet while standing on the sand. The white garland on his blue chest was fluttering lightly. He looked like the perfect picture of her blue soul mate. She wanted to hold him tight and never let him go. While she was standing there savouring the music along with his divine features, he moved and stood behind her. She looked up and saw his eyes looking down at her. There was a kind of playfulness in his eyes which made her feel uplifted and a bit restless. She raised her hands and held him close to her. Her hands were behind his neck and he was still playing his flute. She stood like that for a long time. She didn’t realise when the music stopped and her blue god embraced her completely, his blue lips on hers. She wanted to say something but could not and felt the fragrance of love eclipsing all her thoughts. She stood there in his arms for a long time and the dusk fell. The sky was getting darker and the wind was getting chilly. He had to go. He gently moved away and smiled at her. She did not understand. He just smiled at her and moved ahead; his blue figure getting one with the azure atmosphere around. She stood there paralysed. Who was he? Where has he gone? Why did he leave her like this? What had she done to make him go away? The magical moment was over but she could not accept it.

She started moving in the same direction in the hope to find him. She wanted to ask him so many questions. She kept on moving, dragging her feet as she was now feeling too tired and helpless. She finally saw him moving with a light step almost dancing and singing softly under his breath. She kept on following him. She wanted to call out to him so that he would look back once and see her. But how should she call him? She did not know his name. She knew nothing about him. She had come this far after him longing for one conversation so that he would tell her who he was and what was his business in her life. She was going on walking never losing sight of him even once.

Suddenly, she saw him entering a huge palace. She did not dare to go inside. She saw a group of beautiful women, who were all beautifully dressed up and had vermillion dots on their foreheads. They were all laughing and joking with each other. On a closer observation, she heard that they were deciding who would be spending the night with Kanha. The argument continued and suddenly the blue god declared that he was too tired and wanted to sleep alone that night. All the women felt disappointed and one of them who was a little elder to the rest tried to convince him that it was her bad luck all the time and that whenever it was her turn Kanha was either tired or away for work. He patted her cheeks and gave her a loving hug. He said something in her ear and she giggled. She turned around and declared that they all must leave now as the blue god, their husband needed to rest. They all moved out obediently and began laughing and joking with each other on their way back.

She felt an electric current run through her body as she too started walking back towards the desert. Her mind was numb and she did not know what was going on around her. She kept walking unaware of her surrounding and when she reached the spot where she had been crying earlier before meeting the attractive blue god, she fell on the sand. Her tear stains that had made the figure of the blue god with matted hair was next to her on the sand. She could sense the presence of her blue god, her soul mate right next to her.

His eyes were dreamy and hypnotic and he had an innocent smile on his lips. He whispered something in her ear. He said that he had been waiting for her since ages, through births. It was not easy for him to spend so many years of separation from her. In his quest to find her, he never realised how much dust and grime he had collected. She realised that he was so innocent that everyone felt safe with him. The snakes, the insects, the mysterious world around him was a part of him because they did not fear humiliation, judgement or ridicule and were assured of his love and care which did not require any explanations. It dawned on her that unlike anyone in this world he loved only her and had been looking for her from all this time. How could she not recognise his pure love? Well, she did. Didn’t she? When she had first seen him, she had instantly known that she had found her soul mate. She had seen it in his eyes that she was meant to be his love, his only love.