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Listless life had an unknown restlessness, a gaping vacuum,
And suddenly we are face to face with a virus promising doom;
Living mechanically a routined life with each passing day,
Till now we had only read and heard of doomsday!
Clinging to our dear lives counting each breath
It seems after all the ultimate truth is death!

People say life will change after Corona,
I just fervently pray we are all together to discuss the effects of this,
With our cups of dalgona! 🍻

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Let’s go!!!

Sports Anthem for the Shriramites… Sing it on the tune of Jai Ho by A. R. Rehman

The day we waited for is here and we are on our marks

Ready to give our best and you can see the energy sparks

Let’s go!!

Pratibha Shakti Shaurya Pratigya houses on the run

Having so much hullabaloo and oodles of pure fun

Let’s go!!

Pursuing excellence and sportsmanship in all we do

Integrity is what we stand for and we’ll see it through

Let’s go!!

Three cheers for TSMS Faridabad.



Daring to achieve the unthinkable

Reaching beyond what you’re capable

Extending your means to reach your goals

Aspiring for it not in parts but wholes

Making efforts to succeed and be your best

Success is for sure if you dream and don’t rest!

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It can be unfeeling and hasty

Leaving you cornered and lonely

It can breeze past you like a wind

A touch that has no zing

It can be a caress

Lingering and fresh

Like a pat on the head

A father’s hand affectionate

It can be like a whisper

Tickling to pamper

It’s a sensuous kind

That generates your mind

Your heart will leap

When you receive

A touch that assures you, you can sleep

It’s the touch that makes you whole

It’s the touch that touches your soul.


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Interested in the Barter?

Stands tall with a slouch

Fair skin angular mouth,

His light hair,his boyish charm

Could bring your heart to your arm,

A mix of innocence and youth

A dash of sensuality though uncouth.


He smells like the earth

You get deviated from truth

You don’t see the black within

Concealed behind the boyish grin

You think he is geniune

Well, that’s your opinion!


Squanders his money, squanders his time

Makes his motives sublime

You get the shock, when you hit the rock

Before that you float, about his love you gloat!


You wake up when you are lost

His warmth has turned to frost

He has found another face

He doesn’t need you any more

He  has offers galore

And what are you?




Respect yourself and don’t fall

Such wolves will often call

But don’t barter your sanctitiy

That is your identity

It is for you to choose

Whether you want to win or lose!

Mahima Mishra

(Dedicated to all the young beautiful girls who do not value themselves as much as they should. Remember girls, you are a princess and you deserve the best. Do not underestimate your value)





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Why Apple of the Eye?

Why apple of the eye?

A baby is delicate, like a blossom

A baby is beautiful, a golden tree in autumn

A baby is pure, like the first monsoon shower

A baby is mischievous, catch the twinkle in the eyes!

Tender fingers like rose petals

Easy, innocent, amicable!

Soft touch like downy feather,

Soothes the miserable with an easy laughter.

Fruits are nutritious, tasty and mouth-watering,

They can be desirable and inviting…

But an apple in the eye has no business

Wouldn’t it  rather be in the orifice?

The expression seems most redundant

To describe love, there are phrases abundant

Why a fruit and that too in the eye?

It’s a phrase that has been used well nigh!!

Mahima Mishra


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Miracles wanted!

She saw the bleeding child lying on the floor,

She wanted to scoop him and make sure,

That he survives and makes it back to the world

Alas! a miracle was all that she could afford!

She walked past hurriedly not wanting to be noticed

The gasps for breath,the terrorised eyes were morbid,

She could hear her thumping heart in her jittery head

But she left the child and considered him already dead.

She had a dream, a career to pursue,her parents to be proud

‘We expect you to do well’ her mother’s voice commanding and loud!

Goodness never dies, good people survive, we’ll see a miracle

She noticed a faint smile, a tear in her eye and a starry twinkle.

He’ll be just fine, life in itself is a miracle!!


When she heard the rumours and saw the eight year old’s  innocent face

Plastered all over the TV channels, people condemning the human race,

She couldn’t meet her own eye in the bathroom mirror,

Her sobs were stifled, she was shuddering with fear

The bitterest tears are those that cannot be shed,

She could have saved the one who was now declared dead.

She felt the pain of the mother who was spent with crying

Of the Father whose piece of heart she had left dying

You could have done something to save the poor soul

Oh heinous, heartless human you’ll never feel whole!

Mahima Mishra (16.11.2018)

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Cap the ability:that’s the meaning of capable that is doing the rounds these days. So you are capable and have the audacity to believe in yourself? Then you have had it from this world. Yes, not just this, you will be thrust in the face of half baked people who have managed to make the world believe that they are Capable and they are the ones who know it as it should be. They will try their best  to cap all the ability you have, will refrain from mentioning any point that can go in your favour and do their best to land you in the reject list of the sham world they’ve convinced into believing in their capability.


via Daily Prompt: Capable



via Daily Prompt: Someday


We’ll walk together, hand in hand

Chasing butterflies, making castles in the sand;

We’ll design our own multi-hued rainbow

We’ll have all the time sans sham or show;


We’ll live to share our dawns and  dusks,

You’ll listen to my fears, dreams and lusts;

We’ll not prove each other wrong or right

We won’t condescend, won’t judge, scorn,fight;


It will be like I always dreamt

Far from these maddening crowds;

In your love cocoon I’ll be slept

Waking up in my dreams over seamless clouds!